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01-04-2008 12:00   Dr. Virginie F. Ruiz,
(University of Reading, UK)
  Analysis of Irregular Shapes    
21-03-2008 12:00   Dr. Nikolaos Mitianoudis
(Imperial College London, UK)
  Image Fusion using ICA bases   avi   pdf
08-12-2006 12:00   T. Ebrahimi,
(Titular Professor at EPFL)
  JPSearch - An emerging standard for image search and retrieval   avi   pdf
JPsearch docs
16-06-2006 10:00   Prof. K. Plataniotis,
Dept of ECE,
University of Toronto, Canada
  Digital Camera Image Processing     pdf
19-05-2006 16:00   Th. Varelas,
(General Manager, Theta S.A.)
  An Overview of Trend and Challenges in RFIC integration   avi   pdf
11-04-2006 12:00   John Kikidis
(Strategic Marketing Manager, Intel Comms Infrastructure Group)
  High speed analogue electronics compensate legacy enterprise fibre media impairments enabling 10Gbit/s Ethernet transmission   avi   pdf
17-03-2006 12:00   Dr. Christos P. Sotiriou   Logic synthesis from concurrent specifications   avi   ppt
21-10-2005 12:00   Dr. Nikolaos Nanas
(Cooperator of Open University of England)
  Nootropia: a Non-Linear Approach to Adaptive Document Filtering   avi   ppt
(Democritus University of Thrace)
  MPEG-21: Enabling Universal Multimedia Access        
25-05-2005   C. Psychalinos
(University of Patras)
  Analogue Integrated Filters: Overview and Current Trends        
01-03-2005   M. Vazyrgiannis
(University of Athens)
  Data Mining from Databases and Web   avi    
16-02-2005   D. Nikolos
(University of Patras)
  Low Power Issues In VLSI Testing   avi    
14-01-2005   I. Andreopoulos
Free University of Brussels
  Wavelets and Recent Developments in MPEG Video   avi    
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